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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Google Employees Roam in Hamburg

Google employees from the German Hamburg office set out on a marketing campaign in the city... a commercial flash mob, if you will. The aim was to get the word out on Google ads. From a article, which Frank Fuchs scanned for us (my translation):

Last Monday, 120 Google employees and an equal amount of paper companions [pictured] strolled all around the inner Alster river, heading downtown. Some of them crossed the water with dragon boats or pedal boats. Others rode the Alster ship. The suspicion of bystanders that this might be a demonstration of unpaid workers didn’t turn out to be true.
Rather, these were Google employees pushing hard for their company: the internet search engine wants to gain more traction for their advertising services like AdWords or Google Maps among medium-sized businesses. Google is now offering a sort of “first aid” bag to get started: a 30 Euro voucher, a free web page and an ad campaign accompanying the activities are meant to lower the entry barrier.

[Thanks Frank! Image by Werben & Verkaufen.]


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