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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Yahoo’s Flexible Keyboard

I recently asked a local hardware shop if those flexible keyboards as seen in Die Hard 4* are for real or just a fantasy gadget. Well, the guy in the shop told me those don’t really exist, but now Brinke send me a link that should settle the question: straight from the Yahoo company store comes a flexible keyboard. It’s purple, and on the expensive side at 52 bucks, but I guess it’s worth the investment if you want to look like a movie hacker (or just prefer a truly standardized keyboard while on the go... this is hard to find for laptops, who always seem to have some keys positioned wrongly).

Other items in the store Yahoo store include a purple towel, a purple softball, a purple slinky, and a – purple! – yo-yo.

More flexible keyboards can be found via Google Products search.

*On another note, the hacker in Die Hard 4 was using Dogpile. Yeah, right.


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