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Monday, July 30, 2007

Top Reddit Search Queries is a tech-oriented social news site (a bit like Digg, perhaps a bit more politically oriented). A Reddit blog run by one of the employees now went ahead and published those Google search queries which most often lead to the site. “It’s not a list of search queries you’d likely find scrolling on the LCDs at the Googleplex,” author Alexis Ohanian says. Here’s the top 20:

  1. reddit
  2. sexycollegegirl
  3. nude bollywood
  4. nude bollywood actress
  5. bollywood nude
  6. nude actress
  7. nude indian actress
  8. sexy
  10. redditt
  11. buy viagra
  12. aishwarya nude
  13. bollywood nude actress
  14. nude aishwarya
  15. bollywood actress nude
  16. oy kullanma
  17. nude indian actresses
  18. couples having sex
  19. actress nude
  20. google


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