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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Joakim’s Google License Plate

Joakim Jardenberg from Sweden emails in to show above picture of his car, complete with a new “GOOGLE” license plate he managed to get, writing:

The idea came from the fact that we live in a world where we keep talking about the increasing importance of brands – but it is getting ever so much harder to protect them. I want “my” business, the traditional media companies, to realize that we have to work harder with BUILDING the brand and stop trying to protect it – simply because it’s impossible. The channels are [too] many, the users to creative and idea of fair use puts everyone in the driving seat – guided only by their own moral and ethics. We cant fight it, so we must face it, live with it, and deal with it. (and as you can see, there are strong [parallels] to the copyright-issue, where I also “fight" for a different approach)

By picking one of the hardest brands in the world I wanted to prove that [no one] is “safe”, but I also picked Google because I’m convinced that my little “show” can in no way harm Google. They have done their lesson of building the brand, so there is absolutely no damage done to them by this.

The cost is 6.000SEK for ten years. Thats $872, or less then a hundred bucks a year.

And there are more proof of concepts to come, I hope.

Joakim asked Google Sweden for a statement, but they postponed it as the person who handles personal license plate in Sweden is on vacation...

[Thanks Joakim and Mikael S.! With hat tip to Simon Perry. Photos Creative Commons-licensed.]


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