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Friday, August 17, 2007

Proposal for a Google Newsgroup

Tomi Häsa sends in the following (HTML’ified):

[T]here is a discussion going on about a new Big-8 newsgroup, If enough people vote for it, it will be created.

Some individual (“Ikannz Bantisls”) already has created in June 2007 a less official newsgroup called It has been archived by Google Groups since August 2007 and it is mentioned in the official newsgroup list, although that newsgroup hasn’t propagated to all newsservers (at least to my News.Individual.NET server). (...)

Now that the original general Google newsgroup is broken so that newbies to Usenet can’t post there (you need to cross-post your message to another newsgroup according to my tests) and there is no general Google Groups discussion group and who knows what problems Google Groups will have with Usenet next (...) I think it’s already time for a general Big-8 newsgroup for Google!

While everybody can create a new Google Group, such a group will not be part of usenet – it will just be hosted on Google’s servers. A group formally launched by the “Big 8” ...

... a group of newsgroup hierarchies established after the Great Renaming, a restructuring of Usenet that took place in 1987. These hierarchies are managed by the Big 8 Management Board. Groups are added through a process of nomination, discussion, and voting

... on the other hand becomes a normal and official usenet discussion group, accessible outside of Google Groups as well, with any news reader.

[Thanks Tomi!]


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