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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Blogspot Down

Blogs hosted with Google’s Blogger are down right now (like the official Google blog, for instance). A search for [] returns around 34.5 million blog pages, which all seem to be affected. Someone by the name of Pete who says he’s a Blogger engineer in a Google group states:

Blogger and Blog*Spot are currently down and unavailable. Engineers are working to bring things back up, and should have everything working again in the next few minutes.

Sorry for the outage.

[Thanks Reto, JohnMu and Leo Piccioli!]

Update: All things seem to be back to normal now. “Blogger and Blog*Spot had an unexpected outage for an hour this morning, starting around 7AM PDT. As of 8AM, all but a few blogs are working properly again,” a Blogger status notice informs.


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