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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

YouTube Video Ads, and Google News Videos?

Google’s YouTube is supposed to experiment with inline ads in videos right now, but I can’t see this – maybe it’s only visible from the US? What’s supposed to happen, as Search Engine Land reports, is that 15 seconds into the video a semi-opaque ad appears, overlaying the bottom of the video for up to 10 20 seconds [Edit: See below for a sample ad, which played 20 seconds, not 10.]. Here’s a list of videos that are showing this, according to YouTube:

In other news, Google is now allegedly showing video content (also from YouTube) for some Google News searches. “You’ll see the prefix ’Video’ next to story titles, and clicking on these video links will open a video player directly on the page so you can watch the video right there,” Google says, adding that “we have included several top news sources such as CBS, Reuters, and a number of local Hearst TV stations. Over the next few months, we’ll continue to add new sources as fast as we can.” I didn’t find a video so far... if you spot one, please comment!

[Thanks Juha-Matti Laurio and Aaron!]

Update: Google provided us with a sample search for high school musical 2 which results in a video hit of a CBS News story. The 3+ minutes video is collapsed by default and can be expanded via a plus button. Its hosted as part of the YouTube CBS channel.

Update 2: No matter where you’re at you can install the Google Web Accelerator, which acts as a kind of US proxy, to see the YouTube ads. Below is a sample. [Thanks Matt!]


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