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Friday, August 24, 2007

Orkut Redesign

Google yesterday announced they’ll be rolling out a new look for their social network Orkut. It’s only being shown to a small portion of users right now. I can’t see it, for instance, but others now posted their screenshots, like the one below by (Creative Commons licensed).

Old design

New design

Shown above is user “Thiago.exe”. This is not the homepage you see when you log-in, which contains less information, but the profile page of that user. In the new design, many of the edges have been rounded off for a smoother look. The custom, more playful first letter in Orkut style has been removed. The top bar, displayed in Portuguese here (Orkut is very popular in Brazil), wraps up some of the main functionality and integrates a search box. The three tabs social, professional, and personal moved a little bit lower, and look more traditionally tab-like than before. The blue and cyan color tones got a little bit more fresh and lighter, and there’s some additional shades and gradients throughout the page as well.

[Thanks DPic, Haochi and TomHTML!]


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