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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Google Maps Sightings at

There are many galleries out there showcasing odd satellite or street photo imagery of Google Maps. Map of Strange offers their selection with navigation items to the left side which display the spot on a Google Map widget when selected. Neat. (The site could improve if the currently selected item to the left would keep being highlighted.) [Via Presurfer.]

Weird Google Analytics Bug

What a strange Google Analytics bug... and it has persisted for a week now, rendering my referrer stats for all of my sites partly useless (at least when accessed from the Analytics homepage, that is). What happens is that I’m always including the referrer module to the dashboard to see who links to a site. But this will just show the domain – you need to click on the domain to see the pages where the link was on exactly, and to open those pages in a new window. And this, Google Analytics screws up here. Instead of showing e.g. “Source Medium Detail: /” it will read “ Source Medium Detail: /”, missing the first and last letter... which ends up showing 0 visits.

Update: Some weeks later, this bug is fixed now.


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