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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

On Google Apps Support

Avrohom Eliezer Friedman sent in this story (I added line breaks):

I work for a school and switched them over to Google apps for education in January. If I go to domain settings – account information – it gives me a number to call for Admin Support and a customer ID and Support PIN. It used to be that when I would call the number I would punch in my pin and I would go straight to a rep. Additionally last week when I needed support there was a link there to chat live with a rep.

Today I went there to get some support and the link was gone. Additionally, when I called up support I got a menu For **** press 1, for *** press 2, etc... When I pressed the one I needed it just gave me basic instructions on how to do whatever it was and then said to repeat this press 8 to go back press 9. NO REPRESENTATIVE!

They also gave me the URL of their help and support site where I could E-mail them. Thanks alot. Every time I pressed a button it said “This call may be [monitored] for quality assurance” (or something along those lines.)

Finally I [found] by the Mail Setup menu, after sitting through instruction on how to change my MX records it said “if you did this and it still doesn’t work please wait on the line to speak to someone.["] Thank G-D.

When I spoke to someone I asked him about this and he said that they are currently working on the phone tree and stuff. He also said that the link to chat is only available when there is someone sitting there – and [there] must not have been anyone there.

Just thought you might want to know.

I’m not sure what exactly happened, and different people may have different support experiences. Google’s overview on this product mentions “24/7 assistance, including phone support for critical issues.”

[Thanks Avrohom!]


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