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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Google Gadgets Editor

I knew you could preview iGoogle gadgets code within Google’s help file (Google announced this back in mid-July), but I missed how nice the Google Gadget Editor gadget is for editing and hosting gadgets right on iGoogle. Especially now that you can increase the width of an iGoogle colum.

If you added the editor, you can load several samples to get started by picking File -> New from the menu. All syntax is color-coded. (Unfortunately, this comes at the price of several, partly important, short-cuts ceasing to function... at least that’s what happened here.) Previewing is as easy as switching to the preview tab. And what’s especially neat is that you can save a file with Google’s built-in hosting solution, making for URLs like these. This means you don’t need to upload an XML file anywhere, and you also don’t need to carry the bandwidth your module may get.


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