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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Google Reader Has Search Now

As of today Google Reader, Google’s RSS reader, is search-enabled. This was a long-awaited feature: now you can find posts from any of your subscribed feeds. Hits show up whether or not you’ve read the particular post. As usual with Google searches, you can not find word parts, but full words only, so “ipo” won’t find “ipod” (Gmail contacts search is one of the rare instances where Google returns parts of a word, too).

Results show up quickly, too; though you will notice a loading bar on top, the delay is typically within a second range, which is fast enough. You can then immediately star a result, or click its title to expand the post – this only takes a split second for the full post to show up in Google Reader – or click on the double arrow next to the snippet to go to the webpage itself.

Another change to Google Reader is that you can now collapse the left-hand navigation, by clicking the small gray arrow next to it.

[Thanks Jake B., Niranjan, Cook Jones and Luka!]


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