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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Re: Google Presentations Released

Yesterday while reviewing Google Presentations I wrote:

Sometimes, the sharing features can be confusing and don’t always do exactly what you might predict (for example, if you check the “Collaborators may invite others” box for a document, the document URL – while cryptic – is not Google Account password-protected; imagine you accidentally share a table of contents document with the wrong person, and that this ToC includes links to 100 private team documents, which would all be accidentally shared now too).

Strike this; Google pinged me telling me that’s not the case, and indeed I can’t reproduce it anymore. I tested it once before with the table of contents of Google Office Hacks, which I’m writing with Docs, trying to follow one of the links in the ToC with an uninvited user. But unless Google changed something in the meantime, I made an error during that test, so I take back what I said about sharing confusion!

[Thanks Jason!]


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