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Monday, September 24, 2007

Google Tests "My World" Program

Arizona State University is running a prototype program from a “major internet company,” allowing students to get an early glimpse of what seems to be a 2D-or-3D-world-filled-with-avatars social network type of software. Someone in the know confirmed to me this is indeed by Google, as people speculated (this university is also doing several other co-operations with Google Inc, such as using Google Apps).

This program is supposed to launch later this year, the university sign-up page promises. What exactly this program is made up of is hard to tell; it may be related to the speculated Niniane Wang “metaverse” project. The login page is named “MyWorld,” and the registration form shows a globe with a mouse cursor, the headline reading “Redefine your world”.

If any of you studies at ASU, please feel free to send screenshots or post comments with details.

[Thanks Manoj Nahar! Image by It5five.]


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