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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Google-powered Social Site Shuts Down "Sensitive" Groups?

Tianya, a company co-operating with Google in China, is actively shutting down groups dealing with “sensitive” topics such as Falun Gong, or certain political discussions, a forum member here reports. Furthermore, according to this member, you can’t even create groups dealing with e.g. politicians Hu Jintao or Jiang Zemin in the first place. Above screenshot shows one of those groups from, aka “Google Fensi,” which apparently violated the rules.

I previously queried Google asking about their relationship with Tianya and they told me, “These are Tianya services powered by Google technology. Tianya Laiba is an online community where people can connect with friends and share content.” I can’t verify any specifics of the shut-downs but it would be interesting if some of you have more details.

[Thanks 徐杰!]


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