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Saturday, November 3, 2007

AdSense Ad In Speech Bubble

There’s an interesting type of Google ad placement on (a game of Pac-Man recreated as interactive fiction): a cartoon monster on a black background is connected to a speech bubble which seamlessly wraps a AdSense text ad. And a thought bubble below the monster integrates a couple of “digg this"-stye icons. The ad placement is original and kinda neat... though I wonder if Google would object to such a composition?

Here’s what the AdSense policies say:

Publishers participating in the AdSense program: ...

• May not direct user attention to the ads via arrows or other graphical gimmicks
• May not place misleading images alongside individual ads

Also, the policies say “No AdSense code may be integrated into a software application” (for instance, I was once asked to remove AdSense from the Blogoscoped chat, where they were placed on top of the chat room).

For more interactive fiction check out the Google Adventure.

[Pac-Man link via Waxy.]


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