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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Several Google Accounts Disabled?

Some of you posted feedback that your Google Account was suddenly disabled. John Welch said when he tried to log-in yesterday, he received the following error:

Sorry, your account has been disabled. For more information about Google Accounts, please consult our Help Center at

Paul B. says, “Crap! I’ve been using gmail since 04, and I just [convinced] my wife to stop using outlook and start using gmail this weekend. With IMAP suuport I was easily able to get her old email into gmail and last night BOOM, ’Sorry, your account has been disabled.’ What the freak is going on!”

(I’ve contacted Google for comment and will update should they reply.)

[Thanks John Welch!]

Update: Google responds, saying (HTML’ified):

“Our goal has always been to keep Gmail free of people who abuse the service and to keep Gmail inboxes free of spam. We’ve been targeting a large network of spammers to keep them out of the Gmail system and accidentally disabled access to some other accounts. We’ve restored access to these accounts. We know how important Gmail is to our users, so we encourage them to report any issues to the Gmail Help Center so we can investigate and assist them.”

Several of you said they got their accounts back indeed.


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