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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Google Hong Kong Gadget Winner Announced

Google in Hong Kong held a little contest for the best iGoogle personalized homepage gadget. The winner, who will be invited to be flown straight to the Google headquarters in Mountain View, California, created a gadget showing a remote control and a TV. When you enter a date you can see the program schedule for HKTV. You can also enter a search keyword into the remote control and click its “YouTube” button to see direct video results displayed in the gadget, right within the TV illustration.

The TV gadget is interesting conceptually, but not everyone is happy about the competition results. Angus writes in that he and other bloggers weren’t too impressed by the winner:

The grand prize winner ... looks awful in Firefox. And the second one (weather map) just create tabs and displaying 5 static images from the Hong Kong Observatory ...

Beside creativity and usability, the technical part and the use of Gadgets API should also plays an important role in the selection criteria. The result surprises Hong Kong IT people that Google Hong Kong and the Judge seems doesn’t have enough technical background.

[Thanks Angus!]


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