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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Google As Seen Through Vintage Netscapes

Netscape Navigator has been officially discontinued recently. But we can still download some of the older versions of this legendary browser. The following screenshots show Google as seen through vintage Netscapes of the 1990s, while ignoring any of the many JavaScript error alert windows and browser crashes...

Google in Netscape 1

Netscape Navigator 1 first directs from to and then pretty much gives up.


Google Docs in Netscape 2

The “Google office” displays rather nicely in NS4 NS2, except for the gray background (and the fact it won’t work due to JavaScript errors).


Google Maps in Netscape 3

Over at Google Maps, a little too much focus is put on the stylesheet.


Official Google Blog in Netscape 3

After a little loading, the Blogger-run Google Blog greets the visitor with a JavaScript file (the headline “This is a Javascript file” sums it up nicely).


Google News in Netscape 4

I can’t quite put my hands finger on it but something seems off in this layout...

[Hat tip to Torgo_X!]


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