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Friday, January 11, 2008

Google Checkout Trends
By Tony Ruscoe

Google Trends allows you to enter keywords and phrases to compare what users have been searching for over a specified time period. Now, the Official Google Checkout Blog has just announced that they’ve launched their own version which lets you see what people have been buying using Google Checkout:

Google Checkout Trends aggregates the sales data of Google Checkout merchants and charts it in a matter of seconds. (Of course, all the data is anonymized first.) So if you’re interested in how sales of Batman or Spider Man paraphernalia compare, or are wondering just how popular Ugg boots are these days, visit Checkout Trends for a glimpse into online shopping.

For example, a simple query for [google apps] (which can only be purchased using Google Checkout) suggests that revenue generated last year from Google Apps Premier Edition accounts started to decline in early December 2007:

(However, queries for other products also seem to suggest a similar trend, which could either mean people don’t spend as much over the holiday period, or may just demonstrate that the current data is inaccurate or incomplete.)

Launched as a Labs product, although it’s yet to appear in Google Labs, Google Checkout Trends uses dynamic Flash graphs, similar to Google Finance, and also a slider to help you filter your results based on price.

Post any interesting trends or comparisons in the forum...

[Thanks beussery!]


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