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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Google Mac Goodies: Picasa Coming This Year?
By Tony Ruscoe

Everyone seems to be talking about Macworld at the moment, including Google. (The Google Mac Team in particular has really been looking forward to it!)

First of all – as Jon reported on Monday – Google gave their iPhone interface a Macworld Makeover, including a new version of Gmail for the iPhone. And then the iPhone and iPod touch got the My Location feature in Google Maps with version 1.1.3 of Apple’s iPhone software.

Today, Google Operating System points to an article on TechCrunch which suggests that Picasa, Google’s desktop software for photo editing and organization, could be launched for Mac this year.

After noticing all the Picasa logos on the Google Mac banners and T-Shirts, Duncan Riley explained, he decided to ask whether Picasa was coming for Mac users:

... and as luck would have it I managed to pick the Google employee with the least amount of media training and immediately put her on the spot. Her response: Picasa for Mac is under-development and will be launched later this year.

Assuming the employee was right, Picasa will join the other Google software downloads for Mac, which currently include Google Desktop, Google Earth, SketchUp, Picasa Web Albums Uploader, Google Toolbar for Firefox and Google Notifier for Mac (for both Gmail and Calendar).


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