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Friday, January 18, 2008

Yahoo! and Blogger Become OpenID Providers
By Tony Ruscoe

Last week, rumors surfaced suggesting that Google, IBM and VeriSign were in talks to join OpenID, an online identity system which the website says “eliminates the need for multiple usernames across different websites, simplifying your online experience.”

Yesterday, Yahoo! announced that both and would be adding support for OpenID 2.0. And today, the Blogger in Draft blog announced that you can now use your Blog*Spot or Blogger-hosted custom domain address “as an OpenID URL on any website that accepts OpenID 1.1 authentication.”

This announcement comes a month or so after Blogger officially added support for OpenID commenting. (It had previously been available for “Blogger in Draft” users since November.)

However, these updates will only allow you to use your Blogger URL or Yahoo! ID to sign in to other OpenID compliant websites. Before anyone gets excited about being able to login to Google or Yahoo! services using another OpenID account, here’s what Yahoo!’s Jeremy Zawodny has to say about that:

Oh, and before anyone jumps on me about this not being “full” (meaning bi-directional) OpenID support, I’m quite aware of that. Consuming OpenID is a different beast that can’t happen overnight. Give it some time. I’m optimistic that we’ll get there.

So, I guess the race is now on to see who will add full bi-directional OpenID support for their services...

[Thanks Luka!]


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