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Monday, January 21, 2008

Google Master Plan Bus Ad

Google employees like to brainstorm futuristic ideas on their office whiteboards. Their half-joking “master plan” has often been photographed by the press, and such a master plan now appeared on a bus ad for the Google development office in Fremont, as spotted by Andrew Hitchcock while riding in a bus tunnel in Seattle, where he lives.

Scribbles on the bus read “someone set up us the bomb!”, “indoor weather”, “personalized weather - choose-your-own-weather” and more. One of the URLs on the bus* points to, a page containing more doodles.

[Thanks Andrew! Image by Andrew Hitchcock.]

*Did Google ever try apply Optical Character Recognition to photos for the purpose of adding to the PageRank of all those pages found within the photos? After all, people don’t just “link” on the web: they also mention URLs on radio, over the phone, in emails, in newspapers, magazines, public billboards (paid links!) and so on.


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