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Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Google Bosses’ 20-Years Pact

From an interview Fortune did with the Google co-founders and the company’s CEO:

Will you all work at Google for the rest of your careers?

Eric Schmidt: We agreed to work together for how long, gentlemen?

Sergey Brin: Twenty years.

Really? When did you make that agreement?

Schmidt: Two years, seven months, and four days ago. But who’s counting? Actually, we agreed the month before we went public that we would work together for 20 years. I will be 69, and according to Google I’m going to live to 84, so I should be fine.

Also from CNN/ Fortune comes a portrait of 10 different Google employees, including Andew Maxwell, Dylan Casey, Wei-Hwa Huang, Marcus Mitchell and Dora Hsu.

[Thanks Brinke!]


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