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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Graffiti for God (and Google)
By Tony Ruscoe

The Graffiti for God website uses Google Maps to show the locations of “blank canvases” (i.e. flat roofs) for graffiti artists wishing to create pieces of art that can be seen from above.

The website explains:

The idea of mapping roof graffiti was inspired by “Wax+” and “Nemo”, whose piece can already be seen on Google Maps in Berlins Center. In the style of medieval maps where Jerusalem often stood at the centre of the geographical drawings and God as the heavenly observer from above, this piece marks the centre of “Graffiti for God”.

Existing pieces of rooftop graffiti and other sights of interest are also marked, as are police stations, hospitals, religious institutions and monitored areas are also marked – presumably because those are areas where you wouldn’t want to be caught with a spray can in your hand!

Originally part of an offline art project that was exhibited in Berlin last year, the online version now enables everyone from all over the world to work collaboratively on the “Graffiti for God” project.

[Thanks Lars H!]


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