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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Political Debate CAN Happen On YouTube

While these comments from different YouTube videos are out of context and non-representative they do get a certain spirit and focusedness across:

nevadavi: lol Hillary clinton!
thugondarel: lol hilary
paperkutz93: i thought it was gunna b barack obama lol
dittlekins: LOL
draylenswifey08: baby your the best canidate
5831773: i love obama for some reason i always liked barack hussien obama go obama lol
nimenialturo: Ronald McDonald is a lor more popular then all the politicians in the US .... Ronald McDonald for president.
fuegolente: OBAMA's hottest new song, "OBAMAFY"... Obama is the greatest man of all time. his new song is HOT!!! BAMAFY!!!!
BallBuster5150: the only reason i would vote for Obama is because im Italian and i know he is connected with the chicago families...
SupremeRainbow: ... SHES BUSH IN A SKIRT
killyaa: Obama FTW:)
jungenbum: Ron Paul rELOVution!
nunurox: RON PAUL!!!!!!!!!
thauruin: he's a non-interventionalist lulz.
barahona125: yeah i dont care who wins, jus not mitromney
foxhole3: OBAMA ROCKS YOUR MAMA !!!! obama ftw
powerangerwwe: he sucks!!!!!!!!!!!@   cinton
leebodger: blair to rule usa
danimal519: dang, she is a pretty awesome lady ~ would make a great first lady
Mattfitz4: I voting for obama because of her
cutdiesel2007: chuck norris OWNS and so does mike huckabee
BigDaddy11958: ron paul!!!!!
shanklinmike: Who are you voting for? I hate Huckabee! I like Ron Paul!
Salmo77: LMAO LMAO this guy s RUNNING for presidency LOOOOOOOOOOL
Chinatown987: I was for ron paul now I will be supporting Huckabee 100%..
Flixette: FANTASTIC!!!!! The BEST political video I have seen yet!! Go Mike Huckabee!!!!!!!!!
umilmi81: Why doesn't Chuck Norris support Ron Paul :'-(
shogun108: Have fun Paulites... Your all just soooooo funny. I think that I'm finally won over by you guys... NOT! LMAO Ron Paul won't get anything done guys face it!
Enigma2020: I HEART HUCK!
TheAlmightyTalest: lol, I'd vote for him
mrd999: owned
hinesbch: huckabee is george bush only a bit taller and slightly smarter. VOTE RON PAUL 2008!
PBMainiac: woah, woah, woah there son. It's 5:34 my time. I firmly support Ron Paul because he isn't an imbecile. Call me a "Paulywog" again and you'll find yourself tangling with a USMC 2nd Lieutenant, and you WILL lose.
RollerCam: It just doesn't sound right----------- "President Huckabee."   Yuk!
cspnc: Romney is a douchbag
roleram: What a flip-flopper!!
robertraidersmarines: FLIP. FLOP.
d2504173p: You think Romney is a flip flop, Look at John Kerry!
KingSportsFan: Vote Fred Thompson 2008 and 2012.
AlGoreIsAMoron: gore's a big fat hypocrite
ticklemegangrene: RON PAUL! RON PAUL! RON PAUL! RON PAUL!
elperropatron: What a pansy
KingSportsFan: FRED THOMPSON for President!
alansready: we need to get hillary beat . only ron paul can do that
gondolagoro: woo hills ^_^ im not american but i'd like her as the world's most powerful person..
freejellybeans: hillary 08 goooooooooooo hillary!.
jon4de: Hillary #1
Marcos7E7: That was a perfect speech for her. If she can keep getting good writing like that, Obama may just lose a big advantage.
Kipnepi: OMG!!!!! POWERFUL
Jaromani: Hilary '08
morgienyc: Did She Win I Hope She Did Love You Hilary I Vote For You Bye.... Love Morgan
funkeyhunkeymonkey: Dude your dumb your a retard
YellowBanana22: haha hillary is a retard!
grlblu73: LOL!!!!
JustHadToo: check out my clinton dance
Kisinkona: I like Mike better...
EarstoWall: Hillary is a lesbian!
jaan33duh: So, if you do not like Hillary Clinton, what do you think about Kunich? I think Kunich has great and truthful ideas.
daderone: Ron Paul is the same as Clinton...except he has a crappy conservative slant which screws things even worse.
grahamid403: Same as Clinton? Do your research retard.
Wolfzoflight: NO she's a reptilian!
Wendy62: Damn, she really comes across sincere. I'm an Edwards supporter, but I'd almost go Hillary based on this.
justin1o0: DENIS 2008!
MATTNPALMBAY: haha thats why a woman will never run this country they will cry over crap
wordcub: FAKER!
pajeromini1995: She's lile Michael Jackson.
fsv87: Mullet!
boratFAN999: Dennis is so cool. Go Dennis!
osu5678: dennis the menace is at it again
forex01: yahhhhhhhhhh hoooooooooo GO KUCINICH YOU THE MAN
EntertainedWatcher: He's just bad-ass!
MrsKewlkruse: lol What a goonie.
MindOverMat: hellz yeah!
JeffSayYes: I can't believe I am saying this, but now I see that he deserves mrs. kucinich
zanioso: universal healthcare is dumb
cphoover11: your dumb
Lofnmusic: I'm so glad giuliani spoke up. Ron Paul doesn't know what he's talking about.
selfTrust: Ron Paul on the Glen Beck show tonight
tsihcrana: Rudy Giuliani invokes NINE ELEVAAAAAAAN!!11
K3vinF: Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States, John Buttercup Edwards.
Trussgrl: He drives his wife to overeat !
gothickoala: Lol. I just saw this on TV
kenspringcreek: I love this man!! he is another Pres.Kennedy but alot nicer!He sure has movie star looks():
whyuasknme: I'm more concerned about the issues.
gldmj55: wtf


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