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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Site Search Onebox

Google Sitelinks appear below certain results, for instance when you search for a site name. That much is old. But now, as Russell and Maxim mailed in, some of you see a site-search box below those sitelinks (a kind of a onebox, or you may call it an extension to the Sitelinks feature). I can’t reproduce this yet, so it might be a test... try a search for “nasa”, “arsenal fc”, “mit” and others to check if the site search box shows for you.

More about Sitelinks can be found at Google’s help entry. Also, see Google’s site operator, which lets you search on just a single domain in the normal search box.

[Thanks Maxim and Russell O.!]

Update: Ionut Alex. Chitu says “The new feature seems to be available only for the US”.

Update 2: Others in the comments are reporting they’re seeing this from outside the US too, so it’s not a US only thing. [Thanks Pd and Heliton!]

Update 3: Ionut points to a data center where you can already see it, in case searching won’t work for you. [Thanks Ionut!]

Update 4: Even that data center above may not work for everyone at all times.

Update: Now I saw such a sitesearch box pop up in the top result for the query associated press. However, the result had no sitelinks, so it seems the sitesearch is not directly connected to sitelinks (though it perhaps coincides with sitelinks more often).


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