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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Google Contacts API Released

Google just released a Contacts API as part of their existing GData feeds framework. Google says with this API, your app can get a list of a user’s contacts, edit and delete info in existing contacts, and search in an existing contact. Contacts are shared among Google apps like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Reader and more. As one use-case, Google says this API allows web developers to import a user’s Google contacts into their apps, as well as export their app’s contacts into Google.

Google watcher Ionut Alex. Chitu writes, “Hopefully, social applications will use this API instead of asking for your Gmail credentials and we’ll see synchronization utilities for mobile devices, Outlook etc.” He adds a caveat: “The problem is that your Google contacts aren’t always your contacts: they’re mostly a bunch of people automatically added by Gmail because you replied to their messages.”


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