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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Google Analytics Data Sharing

Site stats program Google Analytics offers a new opt-in data sharing setting. Log-in and you’ll see a message dialog, and somewhere below it a link reading “Edit Account and Data Sharing Settings”. That link takes you to the settings page (see screenshot), where you can agree to share your traffic data...

Not sharing your data with other Google products at all is also an option. If you do decide to opt-in, data from up to a month before will be shared; opting out will stop data-sharing on that day, according to Google. Google at their data sharing FAQ prints the following teaser to convince you to allow them to do more with your site data:

Shared data will be used to improve the services we provide you and will help create more powerful features for you to choose from. As they become available, only those who share their data with Google will gain access to these services and features. [Upcoming releases] will offer greater insight and flexibility to the customers who have opted to share their data.

[Via Google Analytics blog.]

* defines benchmarking as “the process of determining who is the very best, who sets the standard, and what that standard is. In baseball, you could argue that seven consecutive World Series Championships made the New York Yankees the benchmark.”


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