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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Gmail, Please Sit Down, We Need to Talk

Gmail, you’re becoming pushy. And frankly, a little bit annoying. I still like you, but please, don’t be like that. Sometimes I need a minute on my own, and will close your window. Sometimes that closing of the window coincides with another action I just performed, and which you implied was done, too – if you’re still working on something, then don’t pretend you’re not. People always hurry you, I know, but I will understand if you need a second to do something, like I understood others before you. This thing you keep telling me lately, this “are you sure” and this “you may lose,” it’s not helping... it’s not making it faster, either. Yes, I’m seeing other sites beside you, but we agreed on this from the start – they are “one click away,” you’ve told me. I still like you better than Hotmail, and Yahoo Mail, and you know I probably will for a long time, unless you keep doing these things... Gmail, just don’t be so pushy, OK? (Oh... you can close this window now. Yes, just like this, no strings attached. Go, try it. I won’t stop you.)


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