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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Track Your Google Docs With Analytics
By Tony Ruscoe

A new option has just appeared in the Google Docs Settings page for tracking your published documents. Simply enter one of your Google Analytics account tracking codes and you’ll apparently be able to view statistics showing when any of your published documents have been viewed. (Both Philipp and I received an error when trying to save our Google Analytics codes the first time, but it eventually worked for me.)

It’s quite possible this feature is still being rolled out and debugged while it’s live. When I tested this with a document, presentation and spreadsheet, only the document contained my tracking code. However, all three contained the Analytics account code “UA-18065-1” which isn’t mine but is the same one used by the Google Docs team. (I also got a JavaScript error when I viewed the document, although I’d not sure whether that was caused by this feature or not...)

[Thanks Jérôme Flipo!]

Update: It seems the JavaScript error I got when viewing the document was “urchinTracker is not defined” which was caused because Google had inserted the new tracker script but was still using the older style syntax for inserting the account code. Hopefully they’ll get this fixed soon!

Update 2: Google removed this option in the settings again... seems none of us who tried it got it to work while it was live, either. [Thanks Jérôme Flipo!]


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