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Monday, March 31, 2008

Over-Optimized Page in Google Result?

“Make pages for users, not for search engines,” the Google Webmaster Guidelines say. Yet the top result in a search for German computer store Atelco – atelco a40 bochum – includes the potentially revealing word “GoggleBot” in the URL. Currently, Google indexed around 723,000 pages on Atelco’s site which include the string “_gogglebot_21_”.

Clicking on the page will cause a redirect to another address. Stefan, who sent this in and blogged about it, wonders if this is perhaps blackhat SEO (I don’t know either). If so, he argues, the page should receive a double penalty: one for their unclean SEO, and another for having the nerves to name the URL as they did...

[Thanks Stefan Nitzsche!]


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