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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Artist Themes for iGoogle

Google in the US is currently promoting a new “artist themes” section for iGoogle via a special logo and text below the search box. IGoogle is the name of Google’s personalized homepage, and as it allows skinning with special background graphics and so on, this directory offers works by artists like Jeff Koons, Coldplay, Robert Mankoff, Dolce & Gabbana, Akira Isogawa, Anne Geddes and more who Google says collaborated with them. (Other countries also have interesting iGoogle themes, like an Astroboy one for Japan.)

[Hat tip to Jérôme Flipo, Brinke Guthrie, Ionut Alex. Chitu and Colin Colehour!]

Update: As TomHTML and Colin point out in the comments, the special logo was showing in other countries too. Colin writes, “I have seen it available in the following countries USA, Finland, France, UK, Korea, Japan, Australia and probably many more locales that I haven’t tested yet.” [Thanks Colin and Tom!]


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