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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mariusz Gasiewski, Polish Google Evangelist

Janusz Nowak told me about Polish Google employee Mariusz GÄ…siewski. “[H]e is great evangelist of Google products in Poland. He is seen as one of the best AdWords and web analytics specialists in Poland ... and he loves to share knowledge about this.” Among other things, Mariusz wrote a couple of free Polish ebooks to introduce people to Google Analytics, Janusz tells me, and creates website templates for small business. Marius also often writes at the official Google Poland blog, he says.

I asked Mariusz a couple of questions, like what his job is at Google. Mariusz replies he’s been working at Google since July 2007. “Within Google I work in Sales department, working with AdWords. I am Account Strategist ... Basically I help our customers to use the potential of Google AdWords to drive their business successfully. Sometimes I provide them with training and orientation on Google products such as Google Analytics, Website Optimizer, Conversion Tracking.” Mariusz says he’s writing his blog in his spare time after work. “I like to share my knowledge about Google products and search engine marketing. I try to create free materials which could help Polish people to drive successful business in Internet. try to improve and share my knowledge in web analytics, search engine marketing, usability.”

[Thanks Janusz!]


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