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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Google’s Office Filter Program

Google Web Security for Enterprise (based on Postini) is an offering by Google which, according to the company, “provides real-time malware protection and URL filtering with policy enforcement and reporting.” On top of that, it “extends the same protections to users working remotely on laptops,” Google says. The program also enables monitoring of “online activity with comprehensive reporting” and “Quota support by surfing time” and protecting “your staff from undesirable web content.”

I guess what Google’s really trying to say here is that their service, besides being an anti virus program, will be able to block Flash games and dubious blogs or news sites and alert the boss whenever employees look at nekkid people on the internet, or hang out in chat rooms or web mail clients. Based on the screenshot Google shows off, some of the content categories the administrator is able to censor include...

[Thanks Nate!]


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