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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dear Friend (A Poem)

Dear Friend,

I have contacted you
to enable us
if it pleases you
to inform you

We can share ideas
as soon as possible
should you be interested
or wish to go into long term

A few days ago we
as well as new and upcoming internet startups
tapping the wisdom of crowds
have something to add

Expert diagnosis has shown
the intention of this
is to secure a future
they thought I wouldn't

Monitoring every aspect
with this good news
can be seen on the winners reflected by the country's flag

An unexpected luck
was selected and confirmed
you are therefore

Very importantly
you are advised to keep your
consent to present
we share amongst ourselves

See this deal
I guarantee
see this deal
upon receipt

Before his death
you should trust me
we share
we will

We thought our site
look forward to seeing you
we were browsing your site
and we thought our site

To claim your
that is honest and trusted

Help me
contact me
dispatch it
tell me is that a man or a woman

Help me
contact me
take a look
I could not tell

As soon as I receive your details
as soon as possible
my friend
as soon as I receive your reply, I shall give you

My happiness is
always be focused all through your life
you will act just as I have stated
with you and members of your family

Reflected by the country's flag
I have contacted you
to secure a future
they thought I wouldn't.


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