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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Top Third-Party Results for "Google"

The following list shows the current top 15 Google search results for the query “google” which are not from Google or from direct Google partners (third-party content hosted with Google is OK):

  1. Google at Wikipedia
  2. Google at Yahoo Finance
  3. TouchGraph’s Google Browser
  4. Google Weblog
  5. Google Fight
  6. Google news at The New York Times
  7. Google Me, the Movie
  8. Word Spy entry for “google”
  9. Google Watch
  10. Google search entry on Wikipedia
  11. Google tutorial
  12. Unofficial Google Alert service
  13. What if Google search engine optimized their homepage?
  14. Google at BloggingStocks
  15. elgooG, the reverse Google

The following results on the other hand are the top third-party videos displayed for the query “google” if you add to the query (I’ve removed duplicates):

  1. Taking a turn down the wrong Google Maps street view
  2. Sergey Brin gives a talk at Berkeley university in 2005
  3. The Google Brain (that video actually originates at this blog)
  4. How to use the Wiimote for Google Earth
  5. Google better than Limewire for downloading mp3s
  6. Secret images of Google Earth
  7. Google conspiracy
  8. The world according to Google
  9. Google Earth is not funny anymore
  10. Internet Party: When Google’s parents leave town...
  11. Teyana Taylor - Google Me (song)
  12. Google Earth babysitter
  13. Google Earth flight simulator
  14. George Bush uses “the Google”
  15. Berlin in 3D for Google Earth


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