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Monday, May 19, 2008

Climate Change Information on Google Maps

The Google Lat Long blog points to several climate change information layers for Google Earth. One of these layers, titled “Climate Change in Our World,” is by the Met Office UK and you can also make it show in Google Maps; note that I created a copy of this layer to remove all font and background color definitions from the file, as they were causing problems in Google Maps. (While co-editor Tony from the UK and I run into general problems with Google Maps due to gray tiles showing, this error was likely a Google Earth/ Maps incompatibility for everyone.)

The Met Office UK in the description of their map layer writes:

The scientific and economic evidence is clear; climate change is happening and it is probably the greatest single challenge facing the world today.

Rising sea levels, heatwaves, droughts and flooding will affect people’s health and well-being, and could cause the loss of many species of plants and animals.

Communities across the world, particularly the poor and vulnerable, already suffer from weather-related disasters. World-wide scientific consensus tells us that the effects of climate change will continue to increase. We need to act now to limit emissions if we are to reduce the impacts and adapt to future levels of climate change.


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