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Monday, May 19, 2008

Google’s New Taipei Office

After apparently two years in Taiwan, Google recently moved their office from Taipei 101 – one of the world’s tallest skyscrapers* – from floor 37 to... floor 73. Not the uncoolest building in the world. Above picture was added by Yenwen Feng on May 5th, and is from the opening or anniversary ceremony.

The Taipei office is laid out in typical colorful Google style and includes ping pong and foosball tables. Pampering employees holds the benefit for the company that people may work longer or more effectively. Developer Aaron Swartz once argued that Google keeps employees by treating them like kids, while a commenter at Aaron’s post says “I have known a few people that worked there, and none of them struck me as infantile.” One Google Taiwan employee named Andy told The China Post earlier, “For me [it’s] become so comfortable that I prefer it to my own home.”

[Photo source by Tempofeng with some rights reserved. Image cropped, zoomed & contrast-adjusted.]

*The height ranking of skyscrapers depends a bit on how you measure.

[Edit: Clarified “One Google employee” into “One Google Taiwan employee”.]


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