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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Google I/O Developer Get-Together

Brian Ussery is director of SEO at Search Discovery in Atlanta, Georgia, and develops using Google’s tools and APIs. He’s visiting the Google I/O work shop and brings us photos and more.

Google Developers from all around have converged on the Moscone Center here in San Francisco, CA for 48 hours to discuss their latest projects, new products and web applications. Google’s largest developer event, Google I/O 2008 is under way.

This year’s Keynote presentation by Vic Gundotra, Google vice president of engineering (formerly at Microsoft) along with special guests from Google Web Toolkit, Android as well as other teams, focused on building web applications to advance the web as a platform. According to Gundotra, “...developers are shaping the future of the web, putting foundations in place now that future generations of users won’t be able to imagine living without.” During the Keynote a number of new APIs were announced but the real crowd pleaser was a demonstration of Google Android’s “compass view” feature (soon to be released, according to Google) where the users’ movement changed with the perspective on their screen all in real time.

Unlike Google Developer Day 2007 and those scheduled later in 2008, Google I/O is a two day event focused on developer products as well as open initiatives. There are more than 90 sessions scheduled this year on topics ranging from Ajax and Tools to Social, Geo and Mobile applications. Code Labs, Fireside Chats, Live Tech Talks and other hands-on ways to help developers get on board Google’s “cloud” are all available here at Google I/O.

Food ...

... more food...

... lining up for shirts (some of which spell words in binary with apparently mixed success) ...

... talks (Bruce Johnson, engineering manager) ...

... computers ...

... and smaller computers aka phones.

[Hat tip to Brinke!]


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