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Friday, May 30, 2008

Google’s New Favicon

This is one of the smaller changes to Google – at least if measured in pixels! Google changed their “Favicon.ico”, the 16x16 image file that usually shows in the browser address bar or in bookmarks. The old icon used a square with red, green and blue edges, wrapping an upper-case “G”. The new logo is a bit more open, showing just the lower-case blue “g” from the Google logo, without borders, and a bit of shadow. To see this, visit (or, Google Product Search and so on), empty your browser cache and reload the page.

Tony Ruscoe in the forum wonders, “Is Google undergoing a rebranding exercise...?” and adds, “Maybe they’re going to be known as ’the little g’ rather than ’The Big G’ from now on...”. Google continues to grow and grow, but one of their self-proclaimed core values is “Think and act like an underdog”.

[Thanks and Sterling!]


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