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Monday, July 21, 2008

Google Rooms, the Early Lively
By Tony Ruscoe

Before Google’s 3D chat world Lively was released, the product was called Google Rooms. Here are some left-over screenshots that we discovered on Google’s servers shortly after Lively was launched:

The Google Rooms logo used in the rooms directory, showing a palm tree from the island room

Selecting an avatar from the directory, which included URL references to Google’s 3D Warehouse

The login dialog for the Goth Room; this looks more like traditional minimalist Google style than the current Lively login dialog

The FAQ part of the long help page that Google had for this service

The avatar dialog, taken from the “Create” section of the Getting Started Guide

The list of character animations, taken from the “Communicate” section of the Getting Started Guide

Also see the Lively FAQ.


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