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Monday, July 28, 2008

What Is the Motivation for Editing Someone Else’s Knol Article?

Reto Meier in a comment to the ranking debate over Knol wrote, “I don’t see any evidence that the moderated collaboration is working yet.” This led to some thoughts on the editing of other people’s Knols feature, and the question “What is the motivation for editing someone else’s Knol article?” For instance:

In most cases like these, unless you know the author and work together with them on the article in some way, a comment seems to be the better alternative, doesn’t it? The comment will be live immediately, and it won’t skew the original author’s voice. Admittedly, we may get most involved in with articles from people we know and trust and have read for some time, for which the blog format seems easier, because it will build communication over a longer period. Don’t we best like to alert people of issues with their articles if we know them? (The occasional reaching out to try to restore universal balance aside...)

Reto added, “I don’t really see the use-case for editing someone else’s article. I can see a use for the [multiple]-author model, but otherwise a comment, review, or message to the author suggesting a change seems more useful.”

Again I got to ask: What is the motivation for editing someone else’s Knol article?


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