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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cop Attacking Cyclist, as Shown on YouTube, Placed Behind Desk

Raw Story covers how a 22-year old cop was filmed while slamming someone off his bike at a New York rally some days ago. The YouTube upload of this assembled over 1 million views so far according to YouTube’s statistics, and may have played a big role in opposing the cop’s statements. The cop had claimed, among other things, that the bicyclist was deliberately heading for him. The police officer “has been placed behind a desk" for now, Raw Story says.

In another recent report, Daily News covers how a New York police officer struck a citizen with his baton during arrest, and is currently placed on desk during investigation of the incident. A video of the incident had been uploaded to YouTube as well. The police claims that the person shown on the ground in the video had attacked the cops with an umbrella, whereas the citizen claims he would never strike an officer.

Videos like these often don’t tell the whole story; important seconds before or after the shown incident, or different perspectives not caught on tape, could shed a different light on what happened. On the other hand, a cop’s statement too may not tell the whole story.

[Via Reddit.]


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