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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Google Acquires Video Site Omnisio

Google has bought video annotation site Omnisio to have their team join the YouTube team. Omnisio, as covered before, allows users to mix together YouTube videos. Also, Omnisio visitors can add comments over the videos in specific time frames – a feature that made some early Omnisio videos completely unwatchable, but you’re now able to select whose comments you’d like to see overlaid.

The acquisition statement on the Omnisio homepage says, “We’ve been continually surprised by the creative and interesting stuff our users have built on the Omnisio platform – from hilarious video compilations, to witty (and yes sometimes over the top) in-video comments, to informative presentations with slides synced with video.” (Ionut Alex. Chitu’s comment: “I don’t know if YouTube’s community can write witty comments.”)

An online video editor is a good idea but it’s something the YouTube team didn’t manage to pull off so far, despite tries – their YouTube Remixer was slow and somewhat feature-weak when it was released, and it was later removed. Omnisio’s editor was a working start but I’m sure there’s still much more to improve in this space... perhaps that’s something the Omnisio founders Ryan Junee, Julian Frumar and Simon Ratner will be thinking about in the future.

Formerly hosted at, the YouTube Remixer is now used or kidnapped as a normal channel (screenshot by Ars Technica)

[Thanks Ionut!]


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