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Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Infinitube plays back YouTube videos non-stop. Search for “google”, for instance, and sit back to watch one video after another without having to press the play button again or navigate. The site suggests this can be useful “while you have a meal, do some work, or have a conversation with a boring friend”. Be aware that your search queries may pop up on the site’s public “recent video searches” list.

Infinitube went online in July 18th this year and gets many hits from StumbleUpon, creator Luis Buenaventura from the Philippines tells me. He says, “We’ve been building lots of little apps over the past 3 months ... We’re all in our mid-20’s and write 95% of our code in Rails.” I asked Luis how he automatically moves through the videos, and he replies, “The YouTube Javascript API has a hook that tells you when a video is finished. All I did was forward the page to the next video once the hook was triggered.”

[Thanks Fabio!]

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