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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Google Minus Google

Do you believe Google pushes its own properties too much in their search results? If so, Google Minus Google is for you. It’s an unofficial clone of Google that looks just like the real thing... except, as the homepage disclaims, you’ll search Google “without getting results from Google sites such as Knol, Blogger and YouTube.”

Creator Timo Paloheimo in his blog says Google Minus Google was inspired “by an article in NYT about Google becoming a media company.” Timo via email writes, “The tool is by no means perfect, more of a proof-of concept than a final product.”

How does this tool work? You’ll see when you perform a search: your query will just be redirected to a normal search, but it will be appended with [site:google.***]. Here’s hoping the Google lawyers will look at this as a parody...


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