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Monday, August 25, 2008

Drawing the Google Homepage With Eyes Closed

I asked a couple of people to draw the Google homepage with their eyes closed during the whole drawing process. Here are the results:

Brinke Guthrie’s minimalist approach.

Pascal of the German GoogleWatchBlog created this one. He says that “...schland” ended up on the table.

Google’s Matt Cutts created this one with eyes closed...

... and this one with eyes opened, but from memory.

To my defense, immediately when I started drawing the search buttons I realized they belong below the input box (and I realized I misplaced the privacy link at first!). Only on search results is the search button placed to the right side.

Drawing by my sister Judith.

TomHTML of the French Google blog Zorgloob.

Feel free to join with your drawing in in the comments (but don’t look at the paper during drawing)!

Also see Google recreated from memory.

[Thanks to all participants!]


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