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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Content Owners Profiting From YouTube Uploads

Google’s YouTube has a video identification system available to find copyrighted content. Google says there are currently 300 content-owning partners available who can be alerted by the system and who then face the choice of blocking the video, promoting it*, or getting a share of the ad revenues from YouTube (money from which the one who uploaded the detected video will not see a share, according to the New York Times, though I guess they can display some of their own links and so on in places like the video description snippet). Interestingly enough, Google says content owners participating here choose the third, seemingly more sensible model, around 90% of all times... making money from their content which was not uploaded by them.

[Via Andy.]

*I asked Google what exactly that option means (will it be pushed as partner video?) and will add an update if there’s a reply. If you know please comment.

Update: By “promoting it”, Google means to “leave up on YouTube, but without monetizing”, they say.


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