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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Play Music Right From Yahoo Results

Yahoo now lets you playback songs for some artists right from the search results page. Search for nada surf, for instance, and you’ll see an artist box on top, listing a couple of songs along with play buttons. Hitting play opens a little Flash-based player (called “FoxyPlayer” by Yahoo) at the bottom of the page . You can listen to the full song, in partnership with music service Rhapsody, though your number of playbacks is somewhat restricted (I’m not sure how serious the restriction of 25 playbacks is; it’s not a cookie-based barrier, and if it’s IP-based it might be relatively easy to route around).

Google also has a music onebox with info only, and they offer music playback in China, but they don’t have any music playback integrated into their results which would work globally.


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